How much is the deposit to secure my booking?

We ask for a 50% deposit on booking.

What payment methods do you accept?

We accept most methods of payment, including: Bank transfer, cheque, PayPal, Wise, Revolut etc.

What is the longest or shortest period I can hire the car and driver?

We have a minimum booking of two hours and a maximum of eight hours (per day). You can choose to hire for multiple days.

Are you able to collect me/my party from more than one location?

Yes, no problem. The time booked is yours to enjoy. We will estimate times between locations based on traffic levels etc.

Is there a limit to how far I can go?

There is no limit as long as the distance is achievable within the total booking time period.

Does the Chauffeur wear a uniform?

Yes, absolutely. Our drivers will arrive very smartly dressed in a grey suit and tie, shoes polished and wearing a Chauffeur’s hat.

Will the car be decorated?

Yes, for weddings we can fix a white satin ribbon to the front of the car. We also carry a simple flower arrangement in the rear window.

Are petrol and road charges covered in the booking cost?

Yes, we include the petrol for the booking and pay congestion charges. Any parking charges can be paid by yourself or our driver can cover this and we will bill you for this after the booking.

Can the car and driver wait outside my chosen venue location in between my appointments/schedule?

Yes, of course. The booking covers the time you have agreed so we can wait for as long as you wish. Any parking costs will be billed on separately and we may have to park away from your venue if parking/waiting restrictions apply.

What extra services can you provide?

We can also serve you with a chilled glass of champagne (or non-alcoholic fizz upon request) in the vehicle. This is available at an additional cost of £25.00.